Means of Reproduction, Two

Means of Reproduction is a photography project that explores the transformative power of seeds. I portray these microcosms as large and mysterious presences, evoking their latent energy and potential to initiate new life through their own transformation. Seeds and the vessels that shield them are essential elements of life, and a testament to life’s enormous vitality and resilience.

The passage of time is a strong element in my images. Seeds themselves are an embodiment of the long and invisible time that continues to shape them and to encapsulate within them the code for new life. Another signifier of passing time, decay, appears frequently and symbolizes memento more: not only is life fleeing and finite, life and death are two ends of the same continuum.

The selection of images in Means of Reproduction is personal and subjective: I depict only those seeds and seed pods I encounter in ordinary, everyday situations, often while walking. Making these images is an act of contemplation, of discovery and learning, and of love. It brings me closer to nature, whose astonishing designs I appreciate more than ever.

© Copyright 2024 Svjetlana Tepavcevic.
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© Copyright 2022 Svjetlana Tepavcevic.
All rights reserved.